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Electronic Resource Management Based on Linked Data Technologies

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A well-conceived approach

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The whole project is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub. This includes the source code as well as the vocabulary.

A Solid Basis

Our system is based on OntoWiki, an industry-established tool providing support for agile, distributed knowledge engineering scenarios.


amsl already includes several extensions that improve or add functionality. See the complete list here.

Modern Technologies

To simplify workflows amsl has been extended with modern technologies like real-time search and various import tools.

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What is amsl?

amsl is a an Electronic Resource Management web application that makes use of RDF as data model. This allows the system to adapt to changing modeling requirements by adjusting the used RDF vocabulary. Developed at Leipzig University Library, amsl has been continuously improved according to requirements as they emerged. Several use-cases have already been implemented in form of extensions. This involves techniques such as rdf-based templating, realtime-search or various file import and processing mechanisms.

If you are interested contact us and visit our blog.

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To contact us visit our blog at

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To get started have a look at our installation instructions.